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A Journey of Exploration and Creativity in Photo Editing. Taking Control of Light and Possibilities.

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Aaron Dowling

Aaron Dowling is a master craftsman of fine art landscape and travel photography. A passionate creative, he developed ADP Lumiflow, an editing plugin for Photoshop, and creates instructional post processing videos to pass on his knowledge.

Photography for Aaron is a journey of exploration, and seeking ways to express his personality through his imagery. Often the best images are captured when seeking to express a feeling or an emotion, rather than looking for that perfect image. Similar to his younger days, fishing the remote rivers and lakes of Western Canada. The experience was being in the field with rod and reel, waist deep in a river, and not as much about the catch (capture).

Walking through and exploring a place or landscape, and enjoying the experience is more rewarding than capturing the images. With this approach Aaron is able to immerse himself in his environment, leading to much more intimate images with stronger mood and feeling.

The Photography Start

Most of us have had a camera in our hands for as long as we can remember. We took selfies and captured the crazy things we did when we were kids. It was just with a 35mm film camera rather than an iPhone or DSLR. But, the actually creative journey started in 2002 on a trip to Australia, while visiting Uluru in the Outback. Mesmerised by the amazing colours, wildlife and landscape, he endeavoured to capture it in a unique way. He then took those images into the digital darkroom, editing them to realise his vision.  

Having spent the greater part of his childhood and adult life in the wilderness, he was naturally drawn to nature and the landscape. Immersing himself in the art of landscape photography, he started to travel much more extensively. Looking through the lens taught him that a location was much more than a place, but the people, and his love for travel photography took off. He didn’t have to think much about the technical aspects of photography, being a Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager. Instead he was able to focus solely on the creative, opening up a whole new world. 

The Beginning of ADP LumiFlow

Aaron has used Photoshop since 2001, but in 2013 he wanted even more control over his editing. Not one to rest on his laurels, he created a Luminosity Mask Plugin for his own personal use, and then began creating video tutorials. Around the same time, other photographers began to seek Aaron out for assistance with their editing processes. Aaron realised that his plugin could be something that photographers and graphic designers around the world could benefit from. This was the beginning of the first Luminosity Mask Action Plugin, called the ADP Panel.

The Luminosity and Workflow Plugin, ADP Lumiflow, started from humble beginnings, with very basic luminosity tools, and now to its 6th version and with a new name. The ADP Lumiflow Photoshop plugins have expanded well beyond a basic mask creation tool into a full featured workflow plugin. ADP Lumiflow is now an important part of the workflow of thousands of photographers around the world.

Aaron is passionate about helping image makers improve their photographs, and continues to produce tutorials and video workshops to not only help photographers to understand how to use the ADP Lumiflow tools effectively, but to improve their post processing skills. Aaron and his team work with a growing number of photographers around the world, improving their current products and bringing new and exciting innovations to photographers.