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Become an ADP LumiFlow Affiliate

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The Benefits

Use affiliate links in your content and take advantage of what ADP LumiFlow has to offer

Earn Revenue

  • *Earn up to 20% for each new unique purchase you drive.
  • Start earning commissions immediately, with no minimum sales required.
  • All traffic will be monitored for a generous 90 days, giving a large window to earn a referral.
  • After 90 days if another link is clicked, tracking will re-commence.
  • **Commissions are paid in USD and in full on a monthly basis. 

Track Your AffilIate Sales

  • You will have your own individual dashboard to track all aspects of your links. Including: visits, conversion rates, earnings paid, earnings owed, charts, order details and much more.
  • Assign names to your campaigns and track them separately. Allowing you to better understand what is and isn’t working, making it easier to create more effective campaigns.

Earn Revenue

  • Create direct links from your nominated domains. There is no requirement for affiliate links from nominated websites.
  • Create affiliate links to work in all other areas of the internet. Including social media links (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…)
  • Full support from a one on one personal relationship with ADP LumiFlow.

Earn Revenue

  • Contribute to our blog through short articles and video tutorials, engaging with ADP LumiFlow users through your content.
  • Become part of a community that is keen to learn and grow in photography.
  • Work with ADP LumiFlow on collaborative projects, and creating new & exciting content.

* 20% commissions will be earned on all current products, which includes (ADP LumiFlow, The Art of Black & White Editing, Luminosity Masks Unmasked & Photoshop for Beginners). Commissions may vary for products owned jointly or products not owned by ADP LumiFlow. In these cases affiliates will be notified of available commissions prior to product release.

** All affiliates are required to have a valid Paypal account to receive payment. All payments are made in USD, monthly. The e-mail address for your Paypal account is required in the registration form below. Note: For sales in Australia, commissions are fully inclusive of GST and are not in addition to the prices shown on the website.

ADP Pro Affiliate Chart

Are You A Good Fit?

ADP LumiFlow’s affiliate program is the perfect match if you…

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Want to monetize your content

Create a new source of revenue for your business by promoting ADP LumiFlow products through e-mails, websites, social media and educational content.

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Have a large photography audience

You have a large audience that you believe would benefit from ADP LumiFlow products, and want to help them learn and grow in their photography. 

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Love ADP LumiFlow products

You use and believe in ADP LumiFlow products and want others to share in your experiences, all while earning a commission.  

Make Engaging With Your Audience Profitable

Become an affiliate and receive a commission for each ADP LumiFlow sale that you drive. Monetizing your audience and content has never been so easy.

Have Questions? We'd love to help! Please contact Aaron

ADP Pro Affiliate Chart


Have other questions? Find the frequently asked questions below….

The ADP LumiFlow Affiliate Program allows you to earn commission for customer referrals using your personal affiliate link in content such as emails, website, and social media. Joining the ADP LumiFlow affiliate program gives you and your business a simple way to add value to your site and audience while creating new revenue streams.

Not a thing! Signing up and participating in the ADP LumiFlow affiliate program is completely free. There are also no minimum sales requirements to start earning commissions.

You are not required to be an ADP LumiFlow customer in order to be part of our affiliate program. It would be fantastic if you used our products, but it’s not required.

Simply fill out the registration form below and we will get in contact with you to get started.

With any software there are some limitations, below are the limitations to be aware of:

  1. If a customer enters the site and purchases a product through two different affiliate links, preference will be given to the first link.
  2. If a customer clears their cookies, there is a chance that we may loose the tracking, but this is rare.

Click Here to see the full ADP LumiFlow affiliate agreement details.

Contact Aaron at

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

ADP Pro Affiliate Chart

Become an ADP LumiFlow Affiliate

Fill in the form below and register to become an affiliate. Following your submission we will review and provide you with the links to your personal ADP LumiFlow dashboard and affiliate links so you can start earning commissions. 

Register a new affiliate account


Your Name: Enter your full name (First & Last)

Username: This is the username you’ll use to login to the affiliate dashboard. 

Account Email: This is your main e-mail for communications. 

Payment Email: This is the email for your Paypal account. All payments are made through Paypal. If you don’t have an account, you will need to set one up to receive payments. 

Website URL: This is the URL of a website you will use to link to ADP LumiFlow. You can use multiple websites, you can let me know of the others after you’re set up. You can also create links in your social media accounts as well. 

How will you promote us?: There are many ways you can promote us through all types of social media platforms, websites, advertisements and more. If you are a photographer, tell us a little about yourself. 

If you’re not a photographer, please elaborate on how having you as an affiliate would benefit ADP LumiFlow and yourself, and how you would intend on advertising our products?

Additional Information

• Once you complete your registration, we will review your registration and advise you of your acceptance. 

• When you receive your acceptance e-mail, you will also be provided with links to login to your dashboard, which allows you to develop affiliate links and track all aspects of your affiliate performance. 

• In your acceptance e-mail you will also receive a link to a tools page, where you will be able to download logos, and images that you can use in your promotions.