Free Luminosity Mask Downloads

Get started on your journey using luminosity masks in your post processing. Download one of our free luminosity masks downloads. We’ve created two free luminosity masks plugins for Photoshop users. ADP LumiFlow Free is a plugin for Photoshop CC2014 – Current, and ADP Panel + Pro is for CS6 users.

ADP LumiFlow Free

Photoshop CC2014 – Current

ADP LumiFlow Free Luminosity Mask Plugin

ADP LumiFlow Free brings you the power of the Luminosity Masks with Layers method for mask creation. In combination with the adjustment layers provided for mask adjustment. You’ll find this plugin very useful as you start your editing journey using luminosity masks. Luminosity with layers is one of the 4 methods of mask creation built into ADP LumiFlow. We have no doubt you’ll find them useful in your workflow.

Free Plugin Features

  • Luminosity Masks With Layers for Mask Creation (16-Bit)
  • All Darks, Lights and Midtones
  • The Ability to Modify Your Mask With Colour.
  • Built in Curves Adjustment to Refine Your Mask
  • Built in Levels Adjustment to Restrict or Expand Tonal Range
  • 11 Built in Adjustment Layer Options
  • 10 Built in Adjustment Layer Options to Use With Your Mask
  • Output Your Mask as a Selection
  • No More Channel Masks.
  • Introduction to ADP LumiFlow Free video

ADP LumiFlow

Full Version Comparison

ADP LumiFlow Plugin For Photoshop

ADP LumiFlow Free will give you a start in luminosity masks, and an understanding of their power in your editing. The free plugin only touches on the full power of ADP LumiFlow. You’ll have the full power of every method of mask creation available on the market today. Including easy to use mask modification tools. A full workflow plugin with incredible image editing power. 

Full Luminosity Plugin Features

  • Luminosity Masks with Layers, 16-bit Masks With Layers
  • Zone System Luminosity Masks (Heat Map) for Easy Mask Creation
  • Quick Masks, Luminosity Masks with 16-bit Calculations.
  • Subtraction Masks, and Apply, adjust or Replace a Mask on any Layer
  • Digital Blending Plugin, blend up to 7 Images Automatically (3 Methods)
  • Automated Adjustments (Use sliders like Lightroom)
  • 3 Methods of Auto Web Sharpening, 4 Methods of Manual Sharpening
  • The Most Advanced Dodging and Burning Tools on the Market
  • Halo Removal, Frequency Separation, Noise Reduction and more. 
  • All With 15 Powerful, and Fully Featured Plugins Built In. 

ADP Panel + Pro

Photoshop CS6

In 2016 we discontinued the updates and creation of new luminosity mask action plugins for Photoshop CS6. We are still receiving many requests for a luminosity mask plugin for CS6. So, we have decided to offer our CS6 plugin for free (valued at $35.00 USD). This is a fully functioning luminosity mask action plugin. You will receive all the features built into the original plugin.

Free CS6 Plugin Features

  • Lights, Darks and Midtone Luminosity Masks
  • Tonal Area Luminosity Masks (Restricted and Expanded)
  • Colour Luminosity Masks
  • Subtraction Luminosity Masks
  • Dodging and Burning Tools
  • 3 Methods of Automated Blending
  • Special Filters, incl. Detail Extractors, Orton Effects and Frequency Separation
  • Sharpening
  • Masking your masks and much more.
  • How to use videos here.