Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most common questions that we receive at ADP LumiFlow. If you are unable to find the answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to contact us, through our contact form, or directly at

About ADP LumiFlow

Yes, we have designed ADP LumiFlow with all photographer skill levels in mind. You’ll not only have the most advanced tools available at your fingertips, you will apply them with ease. There are no limitations for the advanced user, and plenty of simple to use, but powerful tools for beginners. You won’t be fighting to understand how to use our tools, instead you’ll be letting your creativity flow unencumbered.

ADP LumiFlow is for anyone that wants to create beautiful imagery. Regardless of whether you want complete control over all aspects of your post processing, or some great tools for quick image improvement, ADP LumiFlow has tools to get the most from your edits. If you’re looking to speed up your workflow for commercial photographers, or the ultimate control of fine art, and everything in between, ADP LumiFlow is perfect for you.

As a complete luminosity and workflow plugin, ADP LumiFlow is for everyone. Manipulating light is key to all photography, and with our extensive tool set, there’s something for all photographers. It doesn’t end there though. With amazing black and white editing tools, colour effects and filters, advanced sharpening tools for web and print, and a large set of workflow tools, there is no shortage of tools to assist with all types of photography.

The latest version is ADP LumiFlow 3.2 or as ADP Pro 3.11. These are the 6th version of our plugin.

If you look at your installed files, the folder will be named with the version number.

  1. In the most recent update the Green Re-Gen button was added to the Heat Map, if this is there, you are working with the latest version. 
  2. In the ADP LumiFlow Plugin, you will find the version name on the Tab at the top of the Plugin, in the Photoshop window.

We do not have a trial version of the panel. You can download a copy of our free panel if you’d like to see some of its functionality. 

Free Luminosity Plugin Here

In the event our plugins are not able to be installed, a refund may be offered. This will follow trouble shooting, and may also include remote access or a screen sharing app to ensure it has been installed correctly.

Compatibility (Photoshop & Operating Systems)

ADP LumiFlow is built to work with all versioins of Photoshop since CC2014, including the current version of Photoshop, CC2020.

Unfortunately our latest panel does not work with CS6 and older versions of Photoshop. This is due to changes made by Adobe. We do have a free panel for CS6, which is a fully funtctioning luminosity masks panel.

Free CS6 Luminosity Plugin Panel Here

Currently, our plugins only work with Photoshop. 

We test our plugins shortly after any updates by Photoshop to ensure they are working properly. If any updates are required we will complete these and send out an updated version to all users.

The Plugins are independent of your operating systems. They are solely operated through Photoshop. So any operating system or update to an operating system will have no affect on the functionality of our products. It works on both Mac and PC, and any operating system without any issues.

ADP LumiFlow works without an issue in all language versions of Photoshop. The buttons and layers created are in English, but will function flawlessly in all languages.

Downloads, Installation and Updates

The installation is very easy. We provide both written and video instructions for both Mac and PC’s with your purchase.

Yes! You will receive 4.5 hours of “How to Use” videos, that teach you how the panel functions. If you’re looking for a workshop that teaches how to use luminosity selections, you may be interested in our Luminosity Video Workshop.

You can install the panel on your personal computers without purchasing an additional licence. Your purchase is for your own personal use. 

All downloads are available immediately after purchase when you’re re-directed back to the ADP LumiFlow website. You will also be sent an e-mail shortly after your purchase with the links to download your products. 

If you haven’t received the e-mail within a few minutes of purchase, check your spam / junk folders. If you still can’t find the e-mail, please contact us using the form on this page.

All updates to the panel are sent out through our Newsletter, and will be titled “Update”. You will be provided with a download link and instructions. 

All users are automatically added to our newsletter mailing list at purchase. If you’re not receiving our e-mails, check your spam mail to ensure they are not arriving there.

If you unsubscribe to the newsletter, you will not receive any notification of updates.

All updates to the ADP LumiFlow Plugin have free lifetime updates. 

If you purchased a previous version of our panel, ADP Pro v3 and older, you will be offered an upgrade at a significantly discounted rate, and any future updates will be at no charge. 

You received documentation at the time of purchase with all the download links for the videos. If you are unable to locate this document, please contact us and we will gladly provide you another link.