Plugin Bundle

Get our two amazing Photoshop Plugins in one bundle and save.

LumiFlow, our luminosity and workflow plugin packed full of incredible power. Including 14 independant panels including:

  • Main Workflow Panel
  • Luminosity With Layers
  • Quick Mask Luminosity Masks
  • Heat Map (Zone System Masks)
  • Subtraction Masks
  • Channel Masks
  • Apply – Adjust – Replace and Mask
  • Automated Blending & Undo Blending
  • Auto Adjustments
  • Dodge and Burn
  • Colour FX
  • Build Your Own
  • Sharpening

Our MonoFX panel has been designed to allow you to create stunning black and white images like the masters that have come before us. Work in Black and White with ease, but with the most powerful tools available at your fingertips. With three built in panels including:

  • 7 Zone System Panel
  • 11 Zone System Panel
  • Filters Panel

All Plugins come with how to use videos, showing you how every function with the panel works, and free lifetime updates and upgrades.