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Take your post processing in Photoshop to another level with our Photoshop and Luminosity Masking tutorials. 

Be inspired by the stories of creative photographers around the world.

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Our passion and mission at ADP LumiFlow is to improve your post processing skills, and inspire you to achieve your best. Regardless of your skill levels we have tutorials that will see you improving immediately. We’re consistently adding new tutorials to keep you inspired and learning. From luminosity masks for the ultimate control of light to general photoshop tutorials. We are interviewing photographers around the world to better understand their creative process. Helping us learn from masters in their craft, and understanding the journey that led them to where they are. Explore our tutorials below, and drop us a suggestion if there’s something you’d like to see. 

Image blending is a popular technique used by landscape, travel, wedding and environmental portraits. By blending images we create beautiful, natural high dynamic range images. Blending skies into portrait, travel an wedding photos can create a really beautiful artistic image and light. The techniques used in image blending can also be used to replace backgrounds or cut out subjects in images. 

The Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks is a series of articles for those interested in where luminosity masking comes from, and the technical aspects of them. These tutorials are to give you a deeper understanding of the tools that you are using. From how masks are created in Photoshop, to a deeper understanding of what they actually are. If you’re interested in the technical aspects, then this is the place for you.

At ADP LumiFlow, we’re very inspired by the work that photographers are doing around the world. We’ve created a series of interviews to better understand their creative minds and processes. We don’t all fall from the same tree. It’s very interesting to see what influences other photographers. What inspires them to create beautifully images, and their philosophies around photography. 

This video series focusses on specific issue our customers are facing in the editing of their images. They cover all aspects of photo editing in Photoshop. We take the images that are sent to us, and look for solutions to the specific problem you’re having. If you are having an issue, and are a user of ADP LumiFlow, we’re happy to look at your images. See some of the solutions we’ve found for our customers so far.

Included with your purchase of ADP LumiFlow luminosity and workflow Plugin are 32 how to use videos. These include the videos shown in this series. Included here are written tutorials on the key luminosity plugins, Mono FX, Colour FX and Sharpening plugins. This will give you a great introduction to just some of the power in our ADP Lumiflow Plugin.