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Inspiration Comes From All Around Us

We often notice the work of photographers that work in our immediate area, or those with higher profiles. As a result we miss out on seeing the wonderful work of many other brilliant photographers around the world. We look for talented photographers around the world, creating unique imagery or contributing to the progression of our industry in other ways. Our aim is to learn more about them and photography by seeking their insights and inspirations.

Mat Beetson, takes us on a colourful aerial journey of his home in Broome, West Australia, and shares the insights into his journey in photography. Sharing his inspirations and jaw dropping imagery.

Steve Wise is a portrait, wedding and medical photographer based out of West Australia. Steve creates stunning work for his wedding clients, and very emotive portraits, that tell compelling stories. 

Chris Dark is a West Australian landscape and commercial photographer. He has a unique voice and passion for capturing his personal connection to the landscape, that really shines through.

Andre Poirier is a passionate traveller and landscape photographer. Bringing his emotional connection with the landscape and love of colour together, Andre captures beautiful landscapes from around the world.

Alex Cearns has worked tirelessly building her pet photography business and working with animal rescue organisations around the world. Read about her amazing journey and inspirations and reasons for her success.

Kelly Barker, an inspiring image maker and visual story teller, and a successful commercial photographer. Learn more about her inspirational story and explore some of her beautiful portfolios.

Chris Saunders, an aerial photographer from West Australia has taken out the 2018 Australian Photographer of the Year. Chris submitted a stunning portfolio of 4 areal images taken in Australia.

Jean Michel Missri has had a long and varied career as a professional photographer in Paris, France. His work has crossed many genres, including sport, street and travel photography.

Johannes Reinhart is highly artistic photographer based in Perth, West Australia. Johannes seeks out the fringes on the street and his commercial work, to create very artistic imagery, that challenges you.