Challenge AZZA

Putting Us To The Test With Your Images

Can We Help With Your Photoshop Challenges?

Challenge AZZA is a tutorial series where you put Aaron (AZZA) to the test with your images. With Photoshop there are endless ways to solve a problem or complete a task. Our goal is to expose you to multiple solutions to the issues you’re facing with your images. We don’t limit our solutions or tutorials to only those using¬†luminosity masks. You’ll find tutorials that solve many different challenges, using many different techniques.

In this episode we complete 3 image digital blending. Peter presented an issue, having difficulty with the blending process. With 3 exposures, 2 stops apart, making smooth transitions complicated.

In this episode Sahajpal challenged us to show how we would direct the viewers eye through the images. This is a full image edit, were we apply many techniques to create main points of interest.

The complexity in replacing skies in an image can differ greatly depending on a few things. Dennis asked if we could help with a challenging sky replacement. With fine trees on the skies edge it is difficult.

In this episode, Bradley presented us with an image showing discolouration on a wall from a water stain. We show both a complex and simple solution for this problem. We should always seek the easiest solution first.

In this episode, Jo was asking to see how to complete a six image digital blend. I use the Auto Blending tool built into our ADP LumiFlow Plugin to completed the exposure blend.