How to Use ADP LumiFlow Plugins

An Introduction To Some of The Tools in The ADP LumiFlow Luminosity and Workflow Plugin

A Quick Introduction To ADP LumiFlow Plugins

Below you will find introductions to some ADP LumiFlow Plugin tutorials for some of the key tools built in. These include three of our Luminosity Selection Plugins: Luminosity With Layers, Quick Masks and the Zone System Heat Map. You’ll also find details of our Mono FX Plugin here, for stunning black an white images. Paint colours and enhance details with our Colour FX Plugin. And sharpen your images with 4 in built methods of sharpening in the Sharpening Plugin.  

With your purchase of the ADP LumiFlow Luminosity and Workflow Plugin, you will receive 32 videos. These videos will introduce you to all the functions built into the plugin. To learn how to use luminosity tools in greater detail, we have a structured workshop, Luminosity Video Workshop. We also have many hours of free video tutorials in the menu on the right of screen. If you’re new to Photoshop and not sure about using luminosity selections, see our Photoshop For Beginners Video Workshop

Built in are 14 unique and powerful plugins. Including 5 dedicated to working with and creating luminosity selections, giving you unparalleled flexibility.

The Luminosity with Layers Plugin is a powerful method of mask creation. Using layers to create masks we have the ultimate use of colour to modify our masks. 

Quick Masks are 16-bit Luminosity selections, created by using calculations in Photoshop. The power of these masks is in their smooth tonal transitions.

Built in are Auto Web and Self Sharpening tools. The automated section is fully automated, and sharpening images with 3 different methods.

The colours FX panel has both automated and self-apply tools built in. Create Orton glows, or extract detail from your images and more. 

The tonal zone system has been made visual and extremely powerful for making selections. With a visual interface you can easily see and make any selection.