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Luminosity Masking Tutorials For Photoshop

The uses for luminosity masking in your workflow is limitless, with our imagination being the only thing holding us back. Below we’ve broken the tutorials into 4 different sections to make them easier to find. You’ll find many of the most popular methods, to some more obscure but very useful methods of using luminosity masks  Our hope is to accelerate your learning and understanding of applying them to your workflow. We have luminosity tutorials for users of all skill levels. See our tutorials page, blending images in Photoshop, for tutorials covering exposure blending. Included in the tutorials on this page are topics covering:

Dodging and Burning With Luminosity Selections

Dodging and burning in Photoshop is an extremely powerful method of controlling exposure and direct light. We have several tutorials on this topic below, including using colour while dodging and burning. When you use luminosity selections while dodging and burning you have the ultimate control over the impact of light.

Using Luminosity Selections With Adjustment Layers

You can use luminosity selections with all types of adjustment layers. They are not just useful in controlling with curves and levels adjustment layers. They can be used in all types of adjustment layers in Photoshop. Find many tutorials below showing their uses with all types of adjustment layers to control light and colour in your images.

Colour Grading With Luminosity Selections

As with light, the story and vibrancy in an image comes through the use of available colours. From the brightness, vibrancy and hue of colours you can tell different stories. Combining luminosity when adjusting colours gives you unlimited possibilities to make your images pop off the screen and print.

Miscellaneous Uses For Masks

The sky is the limit on how luminosity masking can be used in our workflow. Traditionally they are used to control exposure. When we start to think of the ways we can use accurate selection our options grow. Then when you think about how selections restrict changes to the area selected, it grows again. We’re always finding new ways of using them in our workflow, and creating videos to show you.  

Using the dodge and burn tools in the Heat Map and Subtraction Masks we make accurate selections. Use these selections to dodge and burn areas with complete control.

By lifting our mid-tones and creating contrast we can add real dynamic punch. This tutorials shows how to use luminosity masks to work in our mid-tones for both colour and contrast.

The ways that we can edit the milky way or night sky are limitless. This allows us a great deal of creativity in our edits. In this Luminosity tutorial we selectively edit the Milky Way to bring it to life.

In Photoshop, there are many ways to achieve the same or similar outcomes. It’s important to know several methods to achieve something. This gives us the tools we need to dodge and burn with confidence.

Sometimes we’re faced with a cloning job that’s almost impossible. In this image, I wanted to remove some clouds along the edge of the tree line. Using luminosity we can remove the clouds easily.

Halos come in all shapes and sizes. We can get them from pushing edge contrast to far, such as over sharpening. Sometimes they just appear in your image from the brightness of subjects.

One of the most powerful ways of controlling light in Photoshop is to use luminosity selections to dodge and burn. In this tutorial, we use this powerful editing tool bring our hero items to life and make them a focus point.

In this episode we complete a full image edit from Yosemite National Park. The challenge was to lead the viewers into the image. Using Luminosity masking and other tools we complete the full image edit.

In this episode, Bradley presented us with an image showing discolouration on a wall from a water stain. We show both a complex and simple solution to remove the stain from the wall. 

Have you ever been frustrated not being able to make a good luminosity selection? This tutorial shows you how to combine two separate masks to create the perfect selection.

This tutorial shows you how to paint colour using luminosity selections to change colours in Photoshop, giving you complete control over the areas that are affected, and bring your vision to reality.

Completely changing the mood of your images is possible when working with the colours. There are many tools for colour adjustment in Photoshop. We show 3 of those colour adjustment tools.

Luminosity selections are commonly used because of the smooth transitions in their tones. What isn’t as well known is they can be used to make hard edge selections to cut our objects completely.